What is the Superannuation Guarantee (SG)?

A compulsory amount that an employer must pay into any eligible employee’s chosen super fund. The guarantee has remained stagnant at 9.5% since July 1st 2014, despite CPI increases year on year. This rate is due to increase to 10% on the 1st July 2021 and is earmarked to continue to increase to 12% in July 2025 pending government approval.

How does SG affect me?

As an employer:

  • It’s a compulsory obligation to calculate and process superannuation for your eligible employees based on their ordinary time earnings (OTE) – this can include certain thresholds, allowances, bonuses and leave
  • Deadlines for payments to hit employees accounts (28 days post quarter) are strictly enforced – penalties include back payment and interest
  • Through the ATO’s newly implemented ‘Single Touch Payroll’ reporting method, SG contributions must be provided inline with each pay run

As an employee:

  • Ensuring you’re receiving the SG payable by your employer by each deadline
  • Checking your super is calculated correctly based on your ordinary time earnings

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